Stakeholders engage residents of Amansie West to reclaim vast mined-out sites

Stakeholders engage residents of Amansie West to reclaim vast mined-out sites

Ghana - 04 April, 2022

As part of efforts to reclaim farmlands that have been destroyed by small scale mining activities, Tropenbos Ghana and A Rocha Ghana with funding from Norad have engaged community members in the Amansie West district to restore mined-out areas.

According to Tropenbos Ghana, since 2018, several hectares of mined-out areas have been reclaimed in various communities including Yawkrom, Asarekrom, Agyareago among others as part of a four-year project aimed at restoring mined-out farmlands. According to Tropenbos Ghana, during the initial stage where community leaders in the Amansie West were engaged and briefed about the projects as well as project areas, community leaders of Essuowin, a mining community in the Amansie West district which was not part of the areas earmarked for the project approached Tropenbos Ghana to support them in restoring their mined out pits as well. Nana Baffour Gyau is the Gyasehene for Essuowin. He explains why Essuowin community members sought help to reclaim their mined-out areas.


“When we realized that Essuowin was not among the lands that will benefit from the restoration project by Tropenbos Ghana, we decided to mobilise ourselves to restore the land here, but sought help from Tropenbos Ghana. This is because we have been trained by Tropenbos Ghana to understand that the lands can be restored to the benefit of the community. Tropenbos Ghana then supported us with 800 seedlings to plant here after we had covered the dugout pits. Realising the 800 seedlings were not enough. I consulted the mining company I work with, and they also supported us with about 1,500 seedlings to plant here. So we have been able to reclaim our land with our efforts and support from Tropenbos Ghana,” Nana Baffour Gyau, Gyasehene for Essuowin.

Solomon Mensah is the nursery manager for the project, who explained the status and progress of the restoration programme. “When we first got here, this restored land you see had been destroyed beyond measure, but Tropenbos Ghana assured us that it can be reclaimed, so the land was levelled and the pits covered. So, we prepared the land to make it fertile for planting. I have been monitoring the growth of the trees to this stage and I will continue to do that”. The community members have noted that based on the success that has been recorded, and the knowledge gained from the training from the Tropenbos Ghana team, they will put strict measures in place to ensure that small scale miners who destroy farmlands will sign bonds that bind them to restore mined-out lands.