09 September 2022 Ghana

Ghana Civil Society-Cocoa Platform (GCCP) review EU deforestation regulations

The Ghana Civil Society-Cocoa Platform (GCCP) met to review the European Union’s (EU) drafted legislation on certain commodities and products associated with deforestation and forest degradation. The review was to ensure that smallholder cocoa farmers in the country are not affected by the EU legislation. Deforestation and forest degradation are occurring at an alarming rate, worsening climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

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05 September 2022 Ghana

Promoting climate change mitigation through smart agricultural practices

Ghana’s transition zone is gradually losing its tree cover. This has largely been attributed to deforestation and expansion of agricultural lands. The development has exposed smallholder farmers to the harsh climate conditions which threaten their livelihoods.

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19 August 2022 Ghana

Multi-stakeholder platform in Techiman urges government to standardize prices for cereals and grains

The Research for Development and Innovation Agriculture and Learning (ReDIAL) multi-stakeholder dialogue platform in Techiman – Bono East region has appealed to the government to set standardized prices for cereals and grains trade. The call was made at the platform’s maiden quarterly meeting held at the Brongkyampem Hall.

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17 August 2022 Ghana

Civil society groups urged to work closely with each other to maximize impact

As part of efforts to mitigate the numerous challenges confronting stakeholders in the agriculture sector, the ReDIAL project organized a coordination meeting for agriculture and environment-related civil society groups in the Ejura Municipality. The purpose of the meeting, which was held at the Ejura Agricultural College and Mechanization Centre was to create a platform that would enhance partnership, open dialogue, and peer sharing among Civil Society organizations (CSOs) operating in the municipality.

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16 August 2022 Ghana

Ghana’s environmental crisis: Some observations and solutions (Part 1)

I do not know if I am the only one having this pain in my heart about the impunity with which our environment and its natural resources are being destroyed lately. I, therefore, take the opportunity to share some insights on global environmental trends, destructive trends in Ghana and propose some solutions in this two-part epistle.

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15 August 2022 Ghana

Project to strengthen livelihoods and build climate resilience in the Central Gonja District launched

Tropenbos Ghana has launched the Ghana Shea Landscape Emission Reductions Project (GSLERP) in the Central Gonja District of the Savannah Region of Ghana. The project seeks to directly strengthen the livelihood of farmers while building climate resilience through restoration, decreased deforestation, and fire management to indirectly contribute to retaining soil moisture, reducing evapotranspiration, and maintaining soil fertility in the district.

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