Mobilizing more for climate (MoMo4C)


Mobilizing more for climate (MoMo4C)

Mobilizing More 4 Climate (MoMo4C) is a five-year (2019-2024) programme which aims to bring together entrepreneurs, firms, policymakers, investors and civil society organizations to make green business propositions that tackle causes and impacts of climate change at the landscape level in developing countries, and to attract investments to implement these initiatives. Five countries (Ghana, Uganda, Cameroon, Indonesia, and Mozambique) are implementing the programme with funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tropenbos International (TBI), International Union for the Conservation of Nature – Netherlands (IUCN NL), and WWF Netherlands are the programme partners.

Juabeso, Sefwi Wiawso, Bia West and East landscapes in the Western North region are the MoMo4C project areas in Ghana. A move away from shaded cocoa agroforestry farming systems to full-sun or low shade cocoa farming, over-reliance on cocoa production as a form of livelihood, illegal logging, artisanal and small-scale surface mining have rendered these landscapes vulnerable to climate change impact and risk. Smallholder farmers in these landscapes are also constrained by lack of access to operating credit, especially investment capital to renovate or rehabilitate their overaged, diseased, and low yielding cocoa farms. These developments hamper the sustainability of livelihoods in the landscapes.

Again, multiple actors with divergent and often, conflicting interests are present in these landscapes. Thus, neither mitigation nor adaptation actions will be effective if these different stakeholders try to address these problems independently. There is therefore the need to bring these multiple actors together to find a way forward per Ghana’s policy direction and related actions such as the Ghana National Climate Change Policy, National REDD+ strategy, and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and other complementing policies.

The project seeks to bring together the Public Sector (Cocoa Board, Forestry Commission, District Department of Agriculture, District Assemblies, Business Advisory Centers, Environmental Protection Agency), the Private Sector (License Buying Companies, Timber firms, Financial institutions), Community Based Organizations (CREMA, Landscape Management Board, Youth groups, women groups) and Non-Governmental Organizations (Touton, SNV, CA, AgroEco, NCRC, Solidaridad) to develop landscape-level action plan that will tackle causes and impacts of climate change.

The program provides support towards development of business propositions (cases) for concrete projects, brings these projects in contact with companies and investors so that solutions can be scaled up at the landscape level.





Developing innovative finance for climate action using a landscape approach