Forest Anti-Corruption Toolkit (Revised edition)


Authors: Tropenbos Ghana

Ghana - 2018

Language: English


Reports about ongoing activities within the forestry sector in Ghana suggests that corruption is rife within the sector. With the efforts being made to combat deforestation and forest degradation so as to promote sustainable forest landscapes, not much will be achieved if deliberate steps are not taken to tackle perceived or actual corruption within the forestry sector.

These steps will need to examine the various forms of corruption, the conditions that sustain them and how they can be combated.

It is in the light of this that a revised edition of the book, ‘Forest Anti-Corruption Toolkit’ has been developed under the Green Livelihoods Alliance (GLA) Programme being implemented in Ghana jointly by Tropenbos International, Tropenbos Ghana, A Rocha Ghana and Friends of the Earth Ghana.

This new edition takes into consideration recent developments in the forestry sector since the publication of the first edition in 2010 by the Forestry Commission of Ghana.

The book delves into the nature of corruption as well as unacceptable forest practices in Ghana by looking at the various forms under which it can occur and manifest and places them under various categories.

It also examines the consequences of such corrupt acts together with existing policies, legislations and state institutions responsible for dealing with them.

The book then proposes various tools for combating corruption and other anti-social practices within the forestry sector. These include the Awareness Raising Tool, the Access to Information Tool, Procurement Tools and other preventive tools.  

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