Options for community participation in landscape restoration through plantation development


Authors: Eric Mensah Kumeh

Ghana - 2017

Language: English


The book, ‘Options for Community Participation in Landscape Restoration through Plantation Development’ is the result of collaborative researches covering a total of five forest districts in Ghana which was carried out under this project by five researchers working under three supervisors.

The book gives an overview of the various tree plantation projects carried out under different political regimes stretching from the colonial era as well as the various methods under which these projects were carried out.

It also gives a background of the project areas where most of the studies took place and goes on to examine the reasons that spur farmers on to adopt tree plantation development as well the reasons that deter them.
It then presents a thorough analysis of the various barriers that limit the success of tree plantation programmes in Ghana and prescribes corresponding solutions to them while examining the role tree farmers’ associations could play in improving tree plantation development in Ghana.

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